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August 2013 - Posts

  • 4 Ways to Save and Make Money This Summer

    by Shaye

    There is nothing more exciting than taking an awesome summer vacation with your family. You have worked many long hours for months upon months and now you are looking to get away from the hassles of your job and spend some quality time with your loved ones. However, you are looking for some creative ways to save and make some extra money this summer. You can always use extra spending cash while away from home. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a hard-working mother in the corporate workforce; check out these four unique ways of how to save and make extra money this summer.

    Dog Boarding

    If you are an avid animal lover and enjoy dogs, consider providing dog boarding services. Watching someone's dog while they are away from home is a viable option to make cash for a variety of reasons. Many people rather have their neighbors, friends and relatives watch their pets while they are on vacation versus spending hundreds of dollars to take their pet to kennel. Also, people want their pets to have a personal experience versus being locked up in some cage at a kennel. You'll get to play with someone's dog while providing a happy, loving and comfortable environment for someone's pet while they are traveling!

    Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

    If you live in the middle of the Mojave Desert or right off the coast of Miami, this may not be a viable option. However, for the average person, you should consider turning off your air conditioner when you are not home. Energy bills sky rocket during the summer months. Air conditioners have to work harder to keep your home cool during hot temperatures. If you are not home, you are simply wasting energy and money. Although you might come to a humid and hot home, it doesn't take long for most air conditioners to cool down your home. Also, try leaving some windows open or invest in buying portable fans to keep your home cool.

    Exercise Outdoors

    Everyone loves working out at a nice gym or fitness facility. However, during the summer, the weather is right to exercise outdoors. If you are spending several dollars a month on a gym membership or even indoor personal training services, consider freezing your account and going outdoors. Not only will you burn more calories, but also you will save a tremendous amount of money.

    Sell Old Stuff

    Summer is an awesome time to do some serious house cleaning. Go through your closets, dressers and other parts of your home to get rid of stuff you simply don't need anymore. Whether its older clothing, shoes, toys or books, there is a market for these items. Consider selling these items through the classifieds section of a local newspaper or host a garage sale.

    There are so many ways to make and save money this summer. Just be creative and be willing to try new things that you never thought of before!

    Shaye is a active single mom that has a desire for family, budgeting, healthy living, fitness, and travel! She enjoys finding new ways to save and budget all while staying fit and healthy. She has a beautiful son and one eccentric dog, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Follow her blog at http://simplyshaye.wordpress.com/.

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