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Dollar Stretcher Guest Blogger

7/26/13 TDS Special Offers

$5.00 off 1 5 quart jug of any Valvoline Motor Oil

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$2.00 off one PULL-UPS Night Time Training Pants

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$1.25 off when you buy any ONE (1) Sabra Hummus (10oz or greater)

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Daily Deal from our friends at PulseTV:

Visit Here for Today's Deal Home Remedy Secrets Book

List Price: $7.99
You pay s&h

Product Details

Visit Here for Today's Deal

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We haven't done this in years... offer something for free that is. But I love this book and I think it will be great for everyone so much so we wanted to make sure everyone could afford it.

All you do is pay s&h. First one is $4.98 for s&h each additional on this order is only approximately $1.00 more (depending on where you live)

Not only is the book free, this book WILL SAVE YOU MONEY! This Home Remedy Secrets book is filled with easy-to-use and practical tips that will help you save money... Plain and Simple!

Now, this book isn't about miracle cures, but it's a collection of practical prevention, and coping strategies that are within your reach.

I'm always trying home remedies before visiting the doctor. I don't agree that doctors are so quick to just prescribe medicine. Many times those old cures our grandparents talked about really work!

From remedies for bee stings, sunburn, treating warts, asthma, muscle pain, or constipation to information on many of these topics on prevention. For example...

Let's talk about heartburn. This book explains how heartburn occurs, when you should go see a doctor, and some ways to prevent heartburn. Did you know wearing tight clothes can push on your stomach and contribute to reflux? I didn't. Or did you know for some people peppermint can cause heartburn, so the book suggest passing on the after-dinner mints to see if that helps with issues.

You may not use every tip in this book, but you will surely find many that will help you throughout the year.

I also love that the print is large. I don't need to wear my reading glasses! Woo Hoo.

Features Practical solutions that are:
- Safe
- Inexpensive
- Natural
- Easy to take, apply, or use

Pick up this must have book for free... yep no cost on the book, just pay the shipping and handling!

Thanks & Be Well,
Anisa & PulseTV Team

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