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  • Repurposed Planters

    by Jennifer Lutz

    Spring is the perfect time to clear out your garage and shed. But before you toss out your old junk, make sure you can't repurpose it first!

    As you clean out the garage, you may come across items that you just can't seem to let go of. Instead of letting them gather dust in a corner, try to find a better use for them. These old items often turn out to be perfect containers for plants. Here are some items typically found in a garage that can be repurposed as planters:

    Old Tins and Pails

    Perhaps you are a collector of vintage tin cans or you just have trouble throwing away those tin containers with adorable labels. If you can't put them on display in your home, show them off in your garden or on your windowsill as planters.

    Eclectic Kitchen by Philadelphia Media And Blogs Colleen Steixner

    Old pails are also great for planters! And don't worry if they look worn. Galvanized and rusty buckets add a fun vintage touch. Water cans, jugs and teakettles are also wonderful options. Perhaps you've been given an old teakettle as a family heirloom. Of course, you don't want to toss it (too much nostalgia), but you have no idea what to do with it. A planter is both a useful and lovely way to maintain a piece of family history, without cluttering up the garage.

    Traditional Dining Room by Sydney Media And Blogs A Beach Cottage

    Old Chairs

    Do you have any old chairs that you were hoping to fix, but haven't gotten around to? Don't throw them out quite yet! A nice chair can be used in your garden for two different types of plants. If the seat is already worn out, remove it completely and put a pot or some other repurposed plant box in place of the worn out seat to create a chair planter. For the rustic look of a secret garden, use the chair in place of a trellis for your flowering vines. Before long, you'll have a piece of living décor in your garden.


    Did you dig up that old bike you never got fixed? If fixing it is no longer worthwhile, park your old bicycle in the garden for a whimsical planter. Simply replace the seat with a basket and let it hold your plants. The rust on the bike will only add to its charm. Of course, secure the bike in place with its kickstand to make sure it doesn't roll off with your potted plant!

    Wheel Barrows

    What about the rusted old wheelbarrow that you forgot out in the rain one too many times? No need to scrap it! This is another great option for planting. Breathe new life into your old wheelbarrows by planting beautiful flowers or useful plants in them. Better yet, they are easy to move around your garden to catch more sunlight or simply to change the look of the garden.

    Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  shrinkin'violet 

    Baskets and Boxes

    Everyone loves receiving a gift basket, but what do you do with all the baskets you've collected? Truly versatile, baskets are not only welcoming, but they are also made of tough material that can outlast and outshine most plastic planters. The weave pattern on a basket serves double duty as a style statement and a drainage solution, so you don't have to worry about root rot from overwatering. If you have boxes instead of baskets, you can just drill a few holes on the side and bottom to allow excess water to escape.

    Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  cwwycoff1 


    Are you an avid cook who's collected too many cooking tools? Perhaps you have an extra colander given as a gift that you haven't used for a long time. You can use the colander as a planter, too! You can paint it a fun color or leave it as it is since it's easy on the eyes anyway.

    Artificial Christmas Tree

    If you're considering switching out your old artificial Christmas tree for a new one this year, keep in mind that the tree's foliage is still perfect for a variety of craft projects, even a planter! To repurpose your tree, simply snip the branch tips off, and place them in any of the containers mentioned above to create a planter arrangement. The branches will add a fun height and textural difference for an interesting addition to your outdoor décor.


    With a little bit of creativity, you can give your old treasures new life as planters that are unique to you and your home. Happy repurposing!

    Jennifer Lutz blogs about home décor for ChristmasTreeMarket.com. They sell artificial christmas trees and other holiday products.

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