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Dollar Stretcher Guest Blogger

5/08/13 TDS Special Offers

85¢ off when you buy any ONE (1) Tyson® Whole Grain Fun Nuggets Frozen Bagged Product

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$1.50 off any ONE (1) bag of Seattle's Best Coffee

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$2.00 off any TWO Kashi Cereals

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Daily Deal from our friends at PulseTV:

Visit Here for Today's Deal Chilly Towel - Keep Your Cool All Day Long!

List Price: $29.99
DEAL PRICE: $9.99 (66% Off)
Get two for $15.98 (73% off)
Product Details

Visit Here for Today's Deal

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You are not going to believe today's great product...we've been waiting for these to come in stock - and here they are! Just in time for the heat wave that is gripping the country! And at our discount you can't afford not to stock up.

Everyone in the office is ordering a bunch for their families. I'm talking about the Chilly Towel - an amazing way to keep cool on even the hottest days of the year.

This 27" x 18" towel is made of a super-absorbent shammy-like weave. All you do is soak it in any-temperature water for a bit, wring the excess water out - and shake it. Seriously - shake it, and whirl it through the air a few times to let the magic happen. The towel is made of a hyper-evaporative material that actually cools down as the water dries out. After a few shakes it downright feels ICY-COLD!

- 27"x18"
- Super-Absorbent Material Stays Dry
- Reusable and Washable (Let it Air-Dry)
- Hyper-Evaporative Properties Make It Cool
- Just Soak, Wring, Shake
- Non-Toxic
- Resealable Container For Later Use

It's great for all indoor and outdoor sports, walking/running, gardening, or just keeping cool. Grab some for the kids in their summer leagues - it's safe for them, and they will love shaking the towel.

It's better than using a wet rag, or soaking a bandana - this towel is dry to the touch, and will be cold for hours. When the towel dries out, just re-wet and start again - it's completely reusable. You can even store a moist Chilly Towel in it's container to use for later. To clean, throw it in the washing machine or hand wash - but let it air dry.

Now, we have an exclusive deal with the manufacturer on this, so you won't find the Original Chilly Towel anywhere else! Make sure you pick up a few.

Get one Chilly Towel with Case for $9.99 or save an additional $4.00 and get two for $15.98

Thanks & Be Well,
Anisa & PulseTV Team

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