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February 2013 - Posts

  • My Story: Travel Savings

    contributed by Anne

    Taking a trip in the near future? Try these travel tips:

    • Air travel is expensive enough without throwing in the exorbitant prices at the airport vendors. They know you're trapped, so everything gets jacked up. I redeem points earned online (My Points, Swagbucks, etc.) for Visa and Mastercard gift cards about a month ahead of my trip to ensure they arrive in plenty of time, and take them along to ease the pain while I travel. A $25 gift card can often pay for a couple of inexpensive meals and a few snacks and drinks. And since you've redeemed points for them, the cards are free to you!

    • Before I leave, I check out the websites for the airports and train stations I know I'll be transiting through while I'm gone. Not only do they have maps listing the terminals used by each airline, but they also list shops and restaurants in each of the terminals. I can plan ahead for what my options for food and drink are. It also helps me understand distances, in case I need to change terminals. I'd hate to miss a connecting flight because I thought I could mosey along instead of run for a mile because of a tight layover.

    • Take a washcloth (facecloth) with you when traveling in Europe. While most chain hotels will supply them, smaller hotels, B&B's, and places that just rent out that spare room probably will not. It has something to do with hygiene, from what I understand (though towels will always be supplied unless a la carte). Some of these smaller hotels will supply a washcloth for a fee, but you might also have to go buy one from a store if not. A washcloth does not take up much space in luggage, and it's a silly thing to have to purchase while travelling.
    Everyone is smart about something! That's why we have The Dollar Stretcher Guest Blog. If you have a story that could help save time or money, please send it by email to MyStory@Stretcher.com.
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