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Dollar Stretcher Guest Blogger

Savings Tips for Traveling

by Sharon Robinson

Saving money is not something you should look to be doing only in everyday life so that you can save for a holiday. Even when you are traveling, it is possible to save money so that you can afford your next trip even sooner. There were always methods for saving money when traveling, but now with the advent of smartphones, tablets and apps, the techniques are hi-tech as well as low-tech.

Plan Ahead

Virtually whatever you can do in advance when making travel arrangements will save you not only time but money, and you can compare between all the different companies. If you turn up at a ticket office at the airport or a hotel without a booking, you are going to be charged like the proverbial wounded bull. And maybe not even know the huge difference. Shopping around for tickets before traveling will save you money, but sometimes when you are traveling, you will have to book a flight unexpectedly. One of the best comparison travel sites, Kayak, which also have an app, where you can compare the best prices not only for flights but also for hotels and car rental.

If you are in a situation where you have to find a hotel at the last minute and want to do so without being taken to the cleaners, then you can’t go past the HotelPal app. HotelApp does not charge a booking fee and enables you to find and book hotels according to GPS, city, or zip. It is powered by Travelocity and contains an enormous amount of relevant peripheral information, such as descriptions, photos, amenities, and even whether the hotel is full or not.


If you intend on renting a car, you will achieve a better rate for a long-term rather than a short-term rental and the earlier you book the better. Use the internet to research the best possible deals and only pay for insurance not covered for free on your credit card/s. Rent a car with GPS to save yourself getting lost and running up unnecessary fuel expenses and remember that before returning the car, fill it up with fuel yourself rather than pay the rate you will be charged by the rental company. If you are traveling in the U.S., the GasBuddy app has a listing of gas prices updated in real time.

Food Cost

Food costs can accumulate. Countries and cultures may differ in many ways, but they are also similar in many ways. In almost every market in the world, the price of food will be discounted by up to 50% starting about an hour before closing. Don’t be afraid to bargain the vendors down even further; after all, they’d prefer some money to having to throw the food out.

Another handy app for those traveling in the U.S. and wanting to eat in a restaurant is the free Meal Ticket app. Use Meal Ticket to search for restaurant coupons and specials by area.

During these difficult economic times in which we find ourselves, it's more important than ever to save money. Through the use of common sense and technology, you can continue saving money even when traveling.

Sharon is a neat freak who enjoys sharing her knowledge on organizing and planning tips. She has much advice on traveling to Israel and from experience recommends to rent a car in Israel with gps, as she tends to get lost easily!


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