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How to Get Paid to Take Surveys Online

by Aliya Martin

For a company to be successful, it should understand what its customer base needs and desires. The best way to do this is through market research. And one of the most effective ways of conducting such research is having your customer base take surveys. Today, many companies are willing to pay people to respond to their online surveys. So, in today’s economic climate, a whole new avenue of supplemental income has opened up. So, how do you make the most and get paid to take surveys online?

How Online Paid Surveys Work

The process of participating in paid online surveys is fairly simple. All you need to do is register with a paid survey site and complete their formalities, such as providing information regarding yourself. You will then begin receiving emails each time they need someone with your type of profile to respond to a survey. A typical email invitation to participate will include information regarding how long the survey will take, how you will be paid for your time, and a link to the said survey. On an average, a survey takes about 15-20 minutes.

Benefits of Online Surveys

Here are some of the primary benefits that you stand to gain when you sign up to participate in online paid surveys:

  • You get either paid in cash, merchandize, sweepstakes entries, gift cards and much more.

  • You also get cash rewards for participation, either via Paypal or through a check.

  • You don’t need to take every survey you are invited for and can choose the ones that interest you.

  • You don’t need to waste any time searching for surveys to participate in. By registering at several sites, you regularly receive invitations right in your inbox.

  • You get to influence the direction a new product or service takes.

  • You can set your own schedule, so that taking surveys does not interfere with your job or family life.

  • You get a sneak peek into products and services before they hit the market.

  • You might even get to see and rate television commercials and movie trailers!

How to Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

The payment for participation will vary from site to site and of course from survey to survey. Here are some useful tips to help you make the most money when you choose to get paid to take surveys online:

  • Sign up with multiple sites - The best thing to do to increase your chances of getting paid more often is to register with anywhere between 10 and 20 sites. However, do your research first and ensure that the sites you sign up with are credible ones with a good track record of payments. There are hundreds of such sites that advertize online. It is up to you to ensure that you don’t fall for scams or fraudulent sites.

  • Keep your profile updated - Check your profile details on a regular basis and ensure that you add or remove information depending on changes in your personal and professional life. This way you will ensure that you fit into the right category of respondents for surveys.

  • Respond to invitations quickly - Given the number of people vying to get paid for surveys, you need to be prompt in your response to invites. Anyone can register to participate in online surveys. And when the barrier to entry is so low, competition is bound to be high.

  • Avoid scams - The best way to do this is to conduct thorough research regarding each site that you wish to sign up for. Reviews from previous users can provide a lot of information regarding the validity of the site. A little bit of time invested in the beginning can reap huge rewards for you in the long run. If the site asks you for a membership fee, it is in all likelihood a scam. Also, beware of sites that ask for your social security or credit card number or that lacks a privacy policy.

  • Set your schedule - Given that most survey sites pay about a dollar for each survey you take, you will need to set aside time during the week to respond to as many surveys as you can to be able to make a substantial amount of money. Although each survey won’t take too long, it is advisable to set aside time rather than diving into the experience without preparation.

  • Spot a legit company - One thing that a credible survey site will do is ask you to fill in their application form. They will then review your application and send mail to the email address specified by you. Credible sites will also be upfront with their payment options, schedules, and methods.

So now that you know how to get paid for surveys, go ahead and do your research. You can now supplement your income with a small but valuable luxury budget!

Aliya Martin writes Survey Spencer, a resource for those looking to learn how to get paid to take surveys. You can learn more about how he does it in this step-by-step guide. The site is also a clearinghouse for legitimate ways to make money online, including freelance graphic design work and selling photography online.


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