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4 Ways to Save Money on Home Security

by Maryann Owens

Jephson Housing Association CCTV system

If you have a home, pets, family, or valuable belongings, you have probably already spent some time thinking about home security options that will protect you and your loved ones. Home security systems are often the perfect solution for making residents feel safe and protected, but they can come with a hefty price-tag and then pricey monthly payments on top of that. If you want to have a top home security system in your own home but also want to save money, then use this guide to find four helpful tips for doing so.

1. Check Your Sensors

Many home security systems are more than just alarms for burglary or sudden entry. Some systems also boast sensors that monitor water, carbon monoxide, and fire. While these features can be incredibly handy, and may be exactly what you are looking for, make sure you speak with the protection provider to understand what costs are involved for each. You might be surprised to learn that you are paying a monthly carbon monoxide monitoring fee even if you don't have that particular sensor on your home system at all.

2. Use Free Features

Most home security providers offer free features to attract new customers, which are actually more useful than the alternative or upgraded features that you must pay for. For example, one company may offer you a special email address devoted to receiving alerts or emails regarding your home for a few dollars a month. Instead of paying for this extra feature, you can have them send alerts directly to your phone as a text message. Not only will this be more effective in many cases, but it will also save you money each month.

3. Differentiate Between Need and Want

Deciding what is truly vital and which costs can be cut is hard in any situation, but the difficulty is even more pronounced when it comes to your home's security. Although you might think that no cost is too high when it involves your family, you also need to be realistic. Write down what you need, such as a home security system that contacts the police when breached, and avoid things that you want, such as a video monitoring of intruders sent to your cellphone.

4. Determine How to Verify Alerts Affordably

Most home security systems will call the landline of the home whenever there is an alert or intrusion that comes up on their monitoring system. If you don't have a landline phone, or if you simply use your cell phone more often, then ask about free conversions that allow you to use a different phone to verify reports and alerts. Some companies may try to charge you for this change, but since it costs them nothing, you can usually negotiate your way down to a free service.

Choosing a home security system, along with a monthly monitoring service, is a great way to protect your home, your belongings, and your family. Unfortunately, this great service also comes with fees. By using these four tips, you can save money on the costs involved with protecting your home. Make sure you shop around to find the system and service that best meets your needs and budget.

Maryann Owens blogs about eco-friendly home solutions. Maryann recommends looking in to eco-friendly conservatory designs and DIY conservatories in order to be make your home more environmentally-conscious.



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