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  • Make Rainy Days Fun with a Savings Coupon

    by Wendy Burns

    Many know to save their pennies for a rainy day, but some save a savings coupon for rainy days. Good discount shopping codes can be perfect for a rainy day project that includes the entire family.

    Rainy day projects can include coloring books, puzzles, console games, and even made up games. Most of these are inexpensive, and can keep everyone occupied when the weather is too bad to go outside.

    Keep Ready to Use Kits on Hand with a Savings Coupon

    Ready to use kits are one of the most popular purchases among those who use discount shopping codes. The kits can be simple, such as a beading kit, or a candle or soap making kit.

    Kits that require heat, flame, or cutting should always be used with adult supervision. This will help to ensure that no accidents occur, and can also help kids to keep the mess under control when using the items.

    Drawing kits are an easy and popular way to give kids something to do when it is raining outside. These may have scratch paper, markers, crayons, or even paints that they can use to show off their creativity.

    Get Puzzled with Discount Shopping Codes

    Puzzles are a time honored tradition among those who use discount shopping coupons. Puzzles are an inexpensive way to get many hours of entertainment for nearly every age group.

    There are many puzzle types, such as jumbo, jigsaw, and 3D, that can be purchased. Each type has a different purpose, as well as age group that is normally associated with it.

    Jumbo puzzles are typically geared toward toddlers and younger children. The pieces are thicker and larger, which helps to prevent them from being swallowed,  broken, or lost.

    Jumbo puzzles are often simple, and seldom have more than twenty to fifty pieces. Puzzles that are larger than this are often intended for older age groups, such as teenagers and adults.

    Jigsaw puzzles are often popular with young teens and adults, as they present more of a challenge. The pieces may be interlocking or not interlocking, which changes the difficulty of the puzzle.

    For a real challenge, many opt for 3D puzzles, as these are very popular for many age groups. With these, the pieces are thicker and are joined to make a model of something, such as a building.

    Some of the 3D puzzles are simple, though some are very large scale replicas of famous landmarks. This is often enough to make for a weekend long project, which is perfect for rainy days or nights.

    Make a Splash with Online Shopping Discount Codes

    If doing crafts or puzzles indoors gets boring, another option is just go outside anyway. Before doing that, however, it is advisable to use online shopping discount codes to get stylish rain gear.

    A raincoat, galoshes, and an umbrella can make it a breeze to go out in the rain but stay dry. All of these can be purchased online and kept for rainy days, which makes it easier to go out and play on a moment's notice.

    Keeping activities and gear on hand can make any rainy day feel more fun. By using a savings coupon, having fun can also be far more affordable, making it perfect for every family.

    Wendy Burns writes for The Coupon Scoop who provides the latest coupon codes, deals, and promotions from all your favorite online retailers.

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