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February 2012 - Posts

  • Household Tips on a Shoestring

    by Christine Redlin


    ...Take the garage door off. You will keep your garage cleaner and accumulate less stuff!

    For 25 years, I have owned the same car. It’s not great on gas, but it is less expensive to fix compared to a modern car. Plus, the goal is not to be in debt. Taking out a car loan or a leasing is stressful, as the car company can take the car away when you can’t pay, so owning your car, in my opinion, is the best option.

    Remember, God doesn’t care what kind of car you drive, as long as you are a safe driver and give people a ride when they need it.

    To help remove oil leaks underneath the car, sprinkle cat litter over the spot, let it absorb for about an hour, and then shovel or sweep away. Repeat if needed.

    I used Krazy Glue to secure my car antenna and saved over $100 on that repair.

    As a quick shoestring savings for a car upholstery fix, I place solid blue towels (bought on sale) over the car seats for covers. For my 1962 classic Dodge, it works just fine as it is as a "for now" fix, until I can afford to get the seats recovered!

    At times I can’t afford to wash my car at a professional car wash. Cars mostly accumulate light dust or dirt, so they are not that dirty.

    I use bottled tap water and towels or paper towels to wipe off the car, and that is what I call a shoestring carwash, using bottled water (ha)! When I’m done, I fill the bottle again with tap water for the next time!

    Use dry coffee filters to clean the glass on cars with a little glass cleaner or white vinegar. This works great on mirrors, too.

    If you have bikes in the garage, use them for exercise and to save on gas money for the car.

    You can also use a fishing tackle box with clear drawers to store screws and nails. You can see these items in the clear drawers.

    For shoestring storage, save the expense of custom storage shelves in the garage. Buy some shelving or inexpensive plastic storage tubs. Always ask if the store has floor or display models available to buy at a reduced rate, or perhaps they have slightly defective models at a reduced price as well. Look for these items on sale at a Target, a home improvement store, online, or at a yard sale in your neighborhood.

    Assemble the shelving unit and then put items in the boxes. Type or write legibly on a large label or piece of white paper the contents in the box, such as holiday decorations, pool float toys, photo albums, etc. Put the label on the boxes, close the lids, and stack them alphabetically on the shelves for easy access.

    If you can’t afford the shelves, then just get some boxes to start, do the same process mentioned above, and stack them neatly together.

    Excerpted from the ebook Life On A Shoestring ... In Beverly Hills? www.lifeonashoestringinbeverlyhills.com Copyright 2011

  • How to Be More Romantic by Using Local Florists

    courtesy of Avas Flowers

    Being romantic takes a little creativity and local florists. Creativity makes it easier to create romantic gestures that work. The gestures can be made for holidays, or for no real reason at all.

    Making romantic gestures can show someone how much they are loved. They can be done early in a relationship, or at any time later on. They are also common around anniversaries, or after a disagreement.

    Show Simple Gestures with Blooms from Local Florists

    One of the most simple gestures that can be made is a single bloom. Single blooms are an easy and effective way to display affection. They can be nearly any variety, from a rose to a sunflower or tulip.

    A single stem is typically given on its own, with no box or wrapping. Many simply hand it to their partner, or leave it where it will be found. This is a very quick and easy way to show a spark of romance.

    Another option is to find a thin or small vase to use for it. The single stem can then be placed in the vase and put on display. Depending on the flower type, this can create a dramatic look.

    Surprise Anyone with Thoughtful Flower Arrangements

    Some may prefer to browse local flower shops for romantic ideas. In many of these, big arrangements are often commonly found. Big arrangements are typically used for a special event, like anniversaries.

    There does not always have to be a big event for them, however. Many use arrangements just because they are thoughtful and pretty. They can be a perfect way to surprise someone with a show of affection.

    The first option that many use to be romantic is a dense rose bouquet. Roses are considered a universal symbol of love and romantic feelings. This is why they are most often used for anniversaries and dates.

    For a romantic surprise at home, a spa treatment can be planned. To do this, the bathroom can be turned into a soothing sauna. Flowers, candles and wine can be prepared ahead of time for it.

    The flowers can be arranged through local floral delivery. Candles and wine can be easily picked up at any local store. Once everything is gathered, the bathroom can be decorated.

    Plush towels and robes should be laid out for after the bath. Bath salts or bubble bath liquid can be placed near the bathtub. Rose petals may also be added, or soap petals, for easier cleanup.

    As part of the surprise, candles can be lit and placed around the room. Small treats, such as a glass of wine or chocolate, may also be added. Some may prefer to add cut berries or fruit, instead of candy treats.

    Find Flower Arrangements that Express Devotion

    To create a more soothing spa environment, more blooms can be used. Some may do this by splitting the bouquets from local FTD florists. Instead of one large arrangement, several can be created from it.

    Almost any container can become a vase, including wine glasses. Shallow glass bowls may also be used, or clear containers, if available. For these, the stems should be trimmed very short to hold the blooms.

    Small additions, such as pebbles, can be added to the containers. These will hold the stems upright, and create more visual interest. Those pressed on time may be able to find these through local florists.

    Avas Flowers is a family owned and operated professional florist company guaranteeing satisfaction on every flower order customers send for delivery in the US and internationally.

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