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  • Home Office Décor On a Tight Budget

    Because of advances in technology over the past couple of decades, there's been an increase in people creating and using their home offices. These can range from a fold-up armoire fitted out with a few items, a small desk in the corner of a room, to full-fledged and complete offices, which take up an entire space.

    Gone are the days of a manually-operated adding machine, perhaps a mimeograph, typewriter, and a pen and paper. Most adults cannot even remember the days before home computers were commonplace. The majority of people may have a wireless home network and several computers, along with their peripherals, such as printers, etc. Because of the economy, we have to make our home offices highly functional and attractive to work in. And do all of this on a budget!

    We can offer a few money-saving tips to equip your workspace at home on budget and as attractive as possible.

    1. Prepare a budget so you can see what you've got, before you spend what you don't have. Essentials such as a desk, chair, some filing space, a computer, and a fax/phone/printing center are the basics. Always allow for a few extras such as your cactus Charlie, a nice squishy rug so your toes can feel pampered when you take off your shoes, and a couple of coasters to keep coffee mug rings off your desk.

    2. Colors are vital (on your wall) for both productivity and comfort and mood setting. A room painted in bright red will have you frantically running around and making mistakes. A pale green or blue grey is nice and soothing. Use a paint that won't make you sneeze. Sometimes you can get leftover or wrong color paint from the store really cheap. Do make certain it's not going to dry with sparkly bits or chunks of plaster, or such. Try to use two complimentary colors and paint one focal wall with one of them and the other three with the second color.

    3. Use a flooring that's easy to clean and fairly resistant to chair marks and other scuffs. Antique or older hardwood is also okay as what harm can you do to that? If it gets scuffed, then so much the better; it looks even more antique. But it’s a pricey solution. A high quality laminate or carpet tiles with a low pile will generally be much cheaper and can look really good.

    4. Select furniture carefully. Always measure your home office space first. You don't want to get one luxury item such as a nice leather chair and then be unable to get it through your narrow office door. Your spouse could find you hours later, jammed into the doorframe along with the chair. Don't get carried away and stick within your budget when getting furniture. The Internet is the place to compare quality and prices for office furniture, and the best sites offer free shipping.

    5. Try and use a room with a window. Ventilation is important because you may be holding your breath a lot when you look at your stock portfolio. Fresh air can be more energizing than a shot of espresso. Use nice window coverings. They may be inexpensive, but they don't have to be "cheap." Roll-up blinds or simple, ready-made curtains or drapes look great.

    6. If you don't have a great view through your window, you can place a wonderful and calming painting or print beside it, right over your desk where you can look at it often. Wallpaper on your computer can serve the same purpose and you can change that on a whim, and it doesn't cost any money, either.

    7. A good desk, chair, and a comfy chair to relax in will be some main pieces to consider for your office. Buy the best quality you can at the beginning of your office décor days. Add more or replacement pieces later, when you are well established in your home business. Small corner computer desks are often a popular choice because their footprint is small, you can sit them easily in any corner and they tend to offer a maximum of functionality at a minimum cost.

    8. Good lighting is essential. A desk lamp, overhead, or floor lamp will work wonders and elevate your mood. You won't have to squint to see your work and when you look in the mirror, there'll be no recoiling in horror because the person looking back at you reminds you of the Portrait of Dorian Grey. Try to use LED light bulbs if you can as they save tremendously on power usage.

    If clutter makes you stressed, then keep your office clutter free. If you like clutter, then have at it. No need for filing cabinets then. Don't forget one or two of our flora friends, and there are several species of low-light ones if your office is in a basement (they will need some light or a grow-light though).

    This guest post of offered by Office Desk Reviews, which is a site that offers reviews on a wide range of desks from Bush Furniture desks to U-shaped desks, to L-shaped desks, to Glass computer desks to Sauder desks and much more.

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