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The 20 Best Ways to Use Your Credit Cards Wisely

The 20 Best Ways to Use Your Credit Cards Wisely

When you read the title above about using credit cards wisely and then you realize on which site it is you’re reading this, you’ll probably start thinking to yourself , “OK, I guess Doc has finally gone off the deep end.” Because you know if you’ve been frequenting this site for more than a few days, I hate debt, and I especially hate credit cards.

uses for credit cards She Could be Making Toothpick Right Now!

So what gives?

Well, believe it or not, I don’t think credit cards are completely bad. I do think they have some socially redeeming value, but maybe just not for the use they were intended.

A credit card can be a very handy piece of plastic that you can find a ton of uses for if you just make the effort to be a little creative. So here are some good examples:

  1. Colorful coasters- to keep glasses from leaving a ring on your furniture.
  2. You can throw them like a ninja throwing star while dressed up as the “Debt Buster” superhero, complete with cape and tights (Something I’ve never wanted to do… wink, wink)
  3. Throw them in the blender and use them as confetti
  4. Duct tape it to your kids bike so it will flap in the spokes and make it sound like a motorcycle.
  5. Cut them into strips and use as toothpicks.
  6. Use them to scrape ice off your windshield.
  7. Use them as a shim to even up a wobbly table.
  8. Put it in your recycling bin to be recycled.
  9. Use it as a bookmark in your favorite personal finance book.
  10. Cut them up and make them into guitar picks.
  11. Use as a crumb scraper for your dinner table.
  12. Pop open a door lock with it.
  13. Scrape bumper stickers off your car. It won’t scratch the paint.
  14. They make a great putty knife when repairing dings in your walls.
  15. You can use it to scrape the algae off the glass on the inside of your aquarium. Your fish will thank you.
  16. Cut them up and use them as mosaic tiles.
  17. Use as a scraper to scrape the dried food off your dishes.
  18. Use as a caulking tool to get that perfect uniform bead that looks so good.
  19. Cut in half and use as a tongue scraper (Yeah, credit cards make me gag too).
  20. If you have enough of them, throw them in your fire pit to help keep you warm in the cold weather.

Of course, whatever you do, under any circumstance, never, never, never actually use a credit card to buy anything. That’s probably the worst way to use a credit card that I could ever think of.

And remember, the best credit cards you can have are the ones that are paid off and cancelled.

Do you know of any other good ways to use a credit card? Let me know in the comments.


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